Preschool Curriculum

Core Knowledge® Preschool 

Preschool Sequence At a Glance

Movement and Coordination

  1. Physical Attention and Relaxation

  2. Gross Motor Skills

  3. Eye-Hand and Eye-Foot Coordination

  4. Group Games

  5. Creative Movement and Expression

Autonomy and Social Skills

  1. Sense of Self and Personal Responsibility

  2. Working in a Group Setting

Work Habits

  1. Memory Skills

  2. Following Directions

  3. Task Persistence and Completion


  1. Oral Language

  2. Nursery Rhymes, Poems Fingerplays and Songs

  3. Storybook reading and Storytelling

  4. Emerging Literacy Skills


  1. Patterns and Classification

  2. Geometry

  3. Measurement

  4. Numbers and Number Sense

  5. Addition and Subtraction with Concrete Objects

  6. Money

Orientation in Time & Space

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Measures of Time: Time

  3. Passage of Time (Past, Present and Future)

Measures of Time: Space

  1. Vocabulary

  2. Actual and Represented Space

  3. Simple Maps

  4. Basic Geographical Concepts


  1. Human Characteristics, Needs and Development

  2. Animal Characteristics, Needs and Development

  3. Plant Characteristics, Needs and Development

  4. Physical Elements (Water, Air, Light)

  5. Tools


  1. Attention to Differences in Sound

  2. Imitate and Produce Sounds

  3. Listen and Sing

  4. Listen and Move

Visual Arts

  1. Attention to Visual Detail

  2. Creating Art (Printing, Painting, Drawing, Collage, Sculpture)

  3. Looking At and Talking About Art