Morning Preschool
(age 3-6)

Afternoon Preschool
(age 3-6)


9:00 – 11:30 am

MWF 12:15 – 3:00 pm

2016-2017 Schedule


  Orientation   September 9
  First Day of School   September 12
  Imagination Room   Space Station
  Letters   a, c, s


  Imagination Room Library
  Field Trip

February 17 
Foot Ferry to Port Orchard Library

  HOLIDAY-President's Day February 29
  Continent Africa
  Letters w, v, e


  Imagination Room   On Our Farm
  Field Trip   October 28
Pheasant Fields Farm
  Continent   North America
  Letters   d, o, g, f 
Imagination Room Circus!
Field Trip March 22 TBA 
Continent Europe
Letters i, j, k


  Imagination Room

First People's Village

  Student Led Conferences November 9
  Concert/Pot Luck Lunch November 7
  HOLIDAY - Veteran's Day November 11
  Field Trip Salmon Run November 14 tent.

Could be November 2 – November 30  (depending on salmon!)
  HOLIDAY - Thanksgiving

November 24-25

  Continent North America 
  Letters m, n, h 
  Imagination Room Veterinarian's Office
  SPRING BREAK April 3-7
  Big Field Trip  

Northwest Trek

April 21
Pizza Pajama Party/Parents’ Night OutApril 28
  Continent Australia
  Letters u, t, q


Imagination RoomAt the Store
  Field Trip    

Bus to Holiday Shopping and Holiday Lunch at Restaurant

  December 12
Holiday PartyDecember 16
  WINTER BREAK   Dec 19 – Dec 30
  Continent   Antarctica
  Letters   r (is for review!) 
  Imagination Room Undersea World
  Field Trip May 19  State Park Beach Outing
  HOLIDAY - Memorial Day

May 29

  Continent Asia
  Letters x, y, z


  Imagination Room   Medieval Castle
HOLIDAY - Martin Luther King, Jr. DayJanuary 16

Field Trip

  January 20 TBA
  Continent   South America
  Letters    l, b, p


  Imagination Room Music Studio

Student Led      Conferences

June 12
  Field Day June 14
Family Picnic 
June 16