A Typical Preschool Day
12:15 *Arrival* – Teachers meet the students in the driveway, accompany them to class, and help them get settled in. Table work is available while waiting for everyone.
12:20 *Meeting* – Everyone sits together while new activities, letters and themes are introduced. We say the Peace Poem, the "calendar kid" leads us in singing the days of the week song and we are given a weather report. Songs and finger play are a regular part of the meeting. Everyone signs up for the work center where they’d like to begin. This reinforces name spelling and writing, and helps kids take responsibility for the organization of our class.


12:50 *Workplaces* – Kids go to their chosen centers. They may change locations as long as there is space in the next center they select - everyone understands how many students can participate in each center.
1:40 *Clean Up* – We take about 4 minutes to transition to cleanup with warnings at 4, 3, 2, and 1 minute. During the course of the class, children are encouraged to put away toys and work they are done with before beginning new activities.
1:45 *Sharing* – Students tell about items they’ve brought and ask for questions from listeners. Guidelines are provided for parents to help children select rich sharing materials; artwork, things from the families’ cultures, things found in nature, etc.
2:00 *Group Time* – Teacher’s Choice: a game, a craft, music, dance, a project we all work on together.
2:25 *Quiet Work* – Five minutes of table work - an opportunity to concentrate on an independent task. Maybe writing in your notebook, on a wipe off board, doing a puzzle, coloring.
2:30 *Story Time* – Stories are told or read, usually on one of the themes of the week.
2:40 *Outdoor Time* – Outdoors we choose from climbing toys, riding toys, sand box, balls, play house, and music makers.
3:00 *Departure* – Parents meet children in the play yard or classroom, depending on weather.

These are the elements of every day, with times being flexible. There are lots of reasons to go off schedule: a fun story that generates a great conversation, clean up being exceptionally long, a group decision that we skip something in order to allow time for a special project, etc.